Motion Pad™ (Beta 2) revealed: no IR camera (KINECT), no additional hardware (Leap Motion), only your integrated webcam!

Nov 11, 2013

A technology using only your integrated webcam!

Motion Pad ™ is a software solution using your webcam as solely source to recognize your fingers.

Unlike current gesture recognition technologies, it requires no additional hardware. The accuracy of the Beta 2 version is 3 pixels, greater than current infrared solutions.

A technology designed for inside and outside light conditions!

Motion Pad ™ is not based on algorithms "skin color", it is totally free from any ambient light conditions. It works perfectly indoors or outdoors, and even through a window with anti-UV.

Motion Pad ™, the Beta 2 release

This version has the following new features:

-        "Hand Scanning" to start a user session.

-        Integration with Microsoft Bing Maps

                => Zoom In / Zoom Out

                => Drag & Drop

-        Integration with an "Angry Bird" game like.


(View the vidéo)

Roadmap: CTP version available on December 16, 2013

This version will show:

-        Integration with Windows 8 as independent software (Motion Pad ™ driver)

-       4 "CoApp" (Connected Application) using the downloadable MotionPad ™ driver:

                => Microsoft Internet Explorer 10

                => Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

                => Bing maps

                => Photo Gallery

-       1 “App” : iNUI Digital Signage Vision 1.0 (JCDecaux UK)


The Preview version running Windows 8 will be available in January 2014 for selected companies.

The iOS and Android versions will be available in Q2 2014.


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