iNUI Studio unveils Motion Pad ™ (Beta 1): a revolutionary touchless technology for browsing laptops, tablets & smartphones! (Indoor & Outdoor)

Oct 7, 2013

Motion Pad™ : A simple and discrete navigation for your laptops, tablets and smartphones !

Designed as a replacement for the Touchpad, Motion Pad™ provides a natural and easy interaction with your laptop only using your finger on a single reduced virtual area – The Motion Pad!

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(Motion Pad™ the next step of Touchpad) // (Motion Pad™ for Tablet)

(30cm to 200cm) // (Responsive & Precise)

(Motion Pad™ for Outdoor environment) // (Works with Glove)

Technical specifications (Codename : iNUI™ Outdoor Gesture Engine / UConnect)

Motion Pad ™ is a technology (Patent Pending – 07/10/2013) which only require your webcam as hardware to recognize your gestures naturally. It can literally be used on laptops, tablets or smartphones.

(Motion Pad – 1 hand version) // (Motion Pad – 2 hands version)

Detailed characteristics are:

- Operates from 30 to 200 cm without any impact on navigational accuracy (accuracy: 3 pixels)

- Use of both hands: left hand « Click / Drag & Drop »; right hand « cursor »

- One hand use: index « Cursor »; thumb « Click / Drag & Drop »

- Indoors or outdoors use, completely free from any ambient light conditions

- Operates in a « moving » environment thanks to unprecedented depth of field reconstruction technology (Background Removal Technology)

- OS supported: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Mac OS X, iOS7.



An exclusive partnership with JCDecaux UK for the street furniture in London!



Roadmap: SDK RTM version available in January 2014 for partners!


The SDK « RTM » (Release To Market) will be available to selected companies from January 2014.

Versions for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 will be primarily available. Mac OS X versions and iOS7 available in Q2 2014.

The pre-registration form will be available online in December 2013.


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